Seth Bloom’s dedication to education is evident by eight years on the Orleans Parish School Board, and the results of his tenure are clear: grades and graduation rates are up, while OPSB has achieved one of the highest bond ratings in the state, has a much improved central office and Board and has a new Superintendent.

Seth understands the link between education and crime and helped create and implement the Travis Hill School, a program for incarcerated youth to help continue their education while in jail.  While the City does not have direct oversight of public education, there certainly are things the Council can do:

  • Create more after-school activities and innovative community programs for children and teens.

  • Seek a funding source for early childhood education. Research shows that children are continuously and rapidly learning from birth. An investment in early childhood education will give children a chance to succeed.

  • Seek public-private partnerships to work with parents of school-age children to keep them engaged in their child’s education.