New Orleans is a city defined by its environment. It’s time we fully embrace that fact and work to creatively use our resources to become a more environmentally friendly city. We have taken some steps in recent years, but there is so much more that we could do. Such as:

  • Leverage costal restoration dollars coming to the state to create new technology and businesses.
  • Use the Mississippi River to generate hydropower
  • Urge developers to invest in the use of solar energy
  • Push more green building initiatives to reduce energy waste and prevent pollution
  • Promote the use and development of green spaces to help reduce carbon emissions
  • Encourage the development of more bike lanes
  • Make recycling easier by placing recycling bins next to garbage cans in public spaces.
  • Follow the model of other cities and expand our recycling programs to include electronic waste and to compost food waste.

New Orleans has major challenges, but we also have big opportunities. What we need is independent leadership and innovative solutions.