The events of the last few months have again highlighted a broken and outdated infrastructure system. Drainage pumps should work, water should not have to be boiled before drinking, and streets should not have holes bigger than our tires. These are basic quality of life issues that demand leadership and innovative solutions. That’s the kind of leadership and problem-solving Seth Bloom brought to the Orleans Parish School Board, and that’s what he will bring to the City Council.

  • Transition the Sewerage and Water Board from generating their own power so that they can focus on their main responsibility: drainage and water. All other critical services including hospitals, police and 9-1-1 rely on Entergy for power. It is cheaper and more reliable.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to make sure Sewerage & Water Board, Entergy and Public Works coordinate on projects, ensuring all work is done simultaneously rather than the same streets being dug up multiple times.

  • Consider consolidating services under one department head for a clear line of responsibility.

  • Establish long-term policy for ecologically sound and sustainable water retention.

  • Consider overall traffic flow and neighborhood impact when scheduling major street repairs.