Seth Bloom for New Orleans City Council District B

“We must use every resource we have to solve our crime issues, make sure our children receive a great education, and improve our infrastructure to 21st century standards. I am committed to work on these issues every day and implement innovative and effective solutions.”



With the recent surge in crime and violence, I keep coming back to one thought: No one was BORN to commit a crime. No one.  I’ve been practicing criminal law for over 13 years and understand the criminal justice system and the importance of reform.  We cannot ARREST our way out of the problem and we have to be both smart and tough on crime.  And, we must create NEW short and long-term solutions to reduce crime as the old methods of prevention are simply not working. This is not just a problem for police, it’s a problem for all of us. There is too much at stake. This is not about placing blame, it’s about taking responsibility and finding a solution. We all share the responsibility to find a solution.



My dedication to education is evident by my eight years on the Orleans Parish School Board, and the results of my tenure are clear:  grades and graduation rates are up, OPSB has achieved one of the highest bond ratings in the state and has a much-improved central office and Board and a new Superintendent.  I understand the link between education and crime and helped create and implement the Travis Hill School, a program for incarcerated youth to help continue their education while in jail.    While the City does not have direct oversight of public education, there are certainly things the Council can do:

  • Create more after school activities and innovative community programs for children and teens
  • Seek a funding source for early childhood education – research shows that children are continuously and rapidly learning from birth – an investment in early childhood education will give our children a chance to succeed
  • Seek public-private partnerships to work with parents of school-age children to keep them engaged in their child’s education


Infrastructure and Development

New Orleans has the greatest character of any American city. But if we want to remain a place where people want to visit and live we must:

  • Modernize our infrastructure by investing in streets, green space, and blight remediation
  • Make our permitting process more user-friendly for those who want to invest in our community 
  • Implement consistent and fair rules and processes to attract outside investments and break down the barriers of entry that have plagued our city for so long, which will add new jobs to the local economy
  • Position New Orleans as a top digital city, with connected workspaces, heathcare systems and data-driven decision-making technology